Human Trafficking Myths

Some examples of common human trafficking myths include the following falsities:

  • Human trafficking victims self-identify as victims and seek help regularly
    • FALSE: Many victims do not realize they are victims, while many others are too ashamed, afraid, or distrusting of law enforcement to come forward.
  • Sex work and sex trafficking are the same.
    • FALSE: Sex trafficking involves force, fraud, or coercion, unless the victim is a minor.
  • Trafficking requires victims to be transported or moved across borders.
    • FALSE: Victims do not have to be moved anywhere.
  • Only women and girls can be victims of human trafficking.
    • FALSE: Victims can be of any gender identity or expression. 
  • Trafficking victims only come from impoverished communities or have low levels of education.
    • FALSE: Victims come from all communities and have varied levels of education.

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